Fair Trade Media: Progressive by design.


Fair Trade Media is a small collective of print and web designers based in Montréal, Québec. Specializing in the creation of clean and efficient web sites and thoughtful, stylish graphic design, we serve clients in Canada, the US and internationally.

Services we offer include design for web and print, page layout, photography, research and editing. For details and pricing, see our services page.

FTM strives to be an ethical model in our field, emphasizing social justice and environmental sustainability. We are committed to participatory decision making, minimizing our ecological impact, and supporting progressive work in our community. For more information, visit our ethics page.


Dru Oja Jay's web design career began in 1994 with Netscape 0.9, a text editor, a Mac IIvx, a 14.4 modem and a personal home page. In 1995, he was hired by Wind's Eye Design.

A year in Belgium, a BA in Philosophy and several projects later, Dru is back doing web design to pay the bills and support other work. He is also Editor of the Dominion. In 2003, he founded Fair Trade Media with Rob Maguire and Dave Ron.

His main focus is crafting hand-coded, speedy web site designs, though he has paid many dues in the world of design and layout.


Born and raised in the Maritimes, Rob Maguire is a photographer, graphic designer, and researcher currently living in Montréal, Québec. He is also Executive Director of überculture collective and spends most of his time on media, art and politics.

His formal education consists of a BA in Political Science, a near-complete MA in International Development, and training in commercial photography. Informally, Rob has been schooled in the art of avoiding Montreal's riot police, Israeli checkpoints, and the gnarly stray dogs of Armenia.


We work with a veritable army of partners and subcontractors to provide a wide range of professional services to complement our expertise, including custom programming, database design, copy editing, video and audio production, illustration, and more.

Groups we work with include Koumbit, Eggplant and Typeleft.

...and them.

When not working as Fair Trade Media, we are active in building independent media in Canada, and working on environmental and social justice campaigns and projects. By activism, we mean a few specific things:

  • creation of practices and institutions that address contemporary problems;
  • confrontation of power structures that perpetuate destructive, exploitative, or unjustifiable activities;
  • sharing information and experiences with a view to understanding and better inhabiting this particular world.

In a saner world, this might be called "citizenship", or perhaps it would be so obvious and ubiquitous as to not merit a word at all.

Projects we have beem involved with include überculture collective, The Dominion, UniteTheRight.ca, PaulMartinTime.ca, the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement, Block the Empire, and Haiti Action Montreal.

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